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Carry Only The Garlic Card

Product Description: The garlic card quickly and easily shreds garlic or ginger. You can't cut yourself on the nubs like most graters. It's small, inexpensive and very easy to clean. Much easier than a garlic press.

For such a small food item, garlic gets a lot of gadget attention. Kitchen tools exist that will smash, grate, pulverize, press, chop, slice and dice the fragrant little clove. And now, the Garlic Card looks to add to the fray. Consisting of no more than a piece of pockmarked plastic with a series of rasps, the no-nonsense tool minces garlic easily. Perhaps best of all, the easy-to-use prep tool cleans easily under soap and water or in the dishwasher. It won’t give the same enjoyment that comes from say, whacking a clove with the broad side of a chef’s knife, but at least it doesn’t involve picking wasted garlic bits out of of one of those horrible garlic presses.

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Twist To Chop Garlic

Rosle Garlic Cutter

Garlic, being the all-powerful little clove that it is, can be used in so many ways. But after all the roasting, frying, slicing and grating, there is always good ol’ chopped garlic to come back to; it goes with everything. Far from being the new black, chopped garlic is an old standby, always in style. It’s just how you chop it that changes.

The Rosle Garlic Cutter offers an easy way to chop garlic. Simply fill with peeled garlic cloves and grab it when ready. With a twisting motion much like a pepper mill, the garlic mill delivers freshly minced garlic with a minimum of effort. Perfect for garlic lovers who consider garlic a spice on par with salt and pepper.

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Herb Mill Stores Right In The Freezer

Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill

Fresh herbs, while delicious, are often quite a hassle to deal with: at the store they can be expensive, while growing your own can be tricky. However, cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. So, we suffer the price tag or attempt to grow a green thumb, and when our efforts are rewarded with fresh herbs, two new issues arrive: storage and use.

While how to supply your kitchen with fresh herbs may require some contemplation, actually storing and using them doesn’t have to. The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill solves two aspects of herb usage at once. The kitchen gadget stores herbs directly in the colorful little container, while the integrated mill makes adding herbs to dishes as easy as opening up the freezer. Just grab and twist, and stored herbs quickly become delectable ingredients. The innovative design conquers two of the more common issues regarding herb usage, and makes those fresh herbs in the store seem a lot more economical.

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Crushed Garlic, Sliced Garlic, One Tool

Garlic Press & Slicer

I like crushed garlic; I also like crushing garlic. Take a big ol’ knife, place its broadside over a clove of garlic, and whack! There is no easier way to separate garlic from garlic paper. Certainly no way is more fun. Alas, not all garlic applications call for crushed garlic; sometimes sliced garlic is what you need. And slicing garlic is no fun.

The Garlic Press & Slicer solves all that. Combining a garlic crusher with a garlic slicer, the simple-to-use handheld kitchen gadget makes garlic-slicing a breeze. (Or garlic-crushing, I suppose, if the garlic-whacking knife is dirty.) Creating eight 1/16-inch slices of garlic at a time, the press also comes with a cleaning attachment and dishwasher safe construction—which may be the most fun of all.

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