Tea Alarm Clock Belongs In The Kitchen

Swan Teasmade

Alarm clocks are the enemy. As such, when they bleep their jarring blare in the morning, they deserve to be hit. Whoever invented the snooze button clearly understood this: not only is the magic button designed to shut the contraption up (albeit briefly) but the button is also usually placed right on top, conveniently within smacking range.

As enjoyable as waking up to breakfast (or at least caffeine) in bed may be, the snooze alarm always gets hit first, sadly placing the Swan Teasmade into the unusable category—at least while it’s within striking distance. Placed waaaaay over on that dresser, or maybe even in the bathroom, then they might be on to something. Or better yet, put in the kitchen and let it scream that it is time for tea all day long.

(Via Oh Gizmo)

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