Herbs On The Wall With Wooly Pocket

Wally from Wooly Pocket is a modular planter system.

Any cook who has ever picked up a fry pan has thought about starting an herb garden. Unfortunately, that dream doesn’t always grow into a reality. The most common of excuses also happens to be the most difficult to overcome: lack of space. If you’re climbing the walls over the high cost of herbs at the store, there happens to be something useful to do about it while you are up there.

Wally from Wooly Pockets is a modular growing system that hangs from the wall. Featuring environmentally responsible construction, the planters are soft-sided and breathable, allowing herbs the opportunity to thrive anywhere. (For those that do have the space, see Wooly Pockets other products, Meadow and Islands.)

(Via Fina’s Plate)

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  1. I will let you know what happens when I finally plant MY wooly pockets. I thought I had found the perfect spot for them, then husband poo-poo’d the idea. When is he going out of town again?

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