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A Roundup Of Herb Savers — With A New Player

Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver

Fresh herbs go a long way in brightening up a meal. Unfortunately, they do not go a long way sitting around waiting to be used. That is, until herb keepers came along. Some people wrap their herbs in wet paper towels, some keep them out on the counter, and then others look to the refrigerator door for inspiration (or at least storage).

The latest to come along is the Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver. Storing fresh herbs and/or asparagus upright, the storage solution calls for a little bit of water to be stored in its base. This model features a small window that makes it easy to see the water level. Opting for affordability and simplicity this herb saver (like its competition) keeps things basic and easy to use. Which is exactly what you want to find when looking for some herbs.

The other players that are fighting for space in your refrigerator door include:

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Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Despite the marvels of modern kitchen technology, cans can’t open themselves. (Those pull-tab ones may come close, but we aren’t there yet.) Electric can openers, despite their ease-of-use, take up valuable counter space; however, for many, they are stuck with them as hand-held options can be hard to use. The Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener tries to eliminate this issue by providing increased leverage with the rotating cranking arm. Additionally, the cutting mechanism leaves no sharp edges, making this can opener not only easier to use, but safer too.

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Chocolate Fondue Times Two

Trudeau Duo TRU016-1 Chocolate Fondue Set

Fondue is a commitment. Sure, one could always vary the flavors by mixing up dippables, but when making a choice about what to actually melt, well, you’ve made your choice; there’s no going back. While a row of two or more fondue pots might sound like a good idea (or at least a delicious one), executing that dream is probably more trouble than it is worth.

The Trudeau Duo TRU016-1 Chocolate Fondue Set simplifies matters by dividing the stoneware bowl. Half for dark chocolate, half for milk chocolate: everybody’s happy. Add some fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Except for maybe those cheese people…

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A different kind of Pot Drainer

Silicone Pot Drainer by Trudeau

Everybody has a method when it comes to cooking pasta. Some people like to throw a strand of spaghetti against the wall to see if it’s done, while others opt for cleaner walls and a more traditional taste test. No matter what method you use, or if you add salt or oil to the cooking pot, that pasta somehow, someway, has to come out of the water.

While every pot of pasta should come in contact with a strainer, in the real world that simply doesn’t always happen. Quite often, a fork is used to push back the pasta while the water is drained. It’s not a perfect solution, but it keeps dirty dishes to a minimum. Due to its flat design, the Silicone Pot Drainer by Trudeau doesn’t take up as much space as a colander, thus saving space and being easier to clean, but I just don’t imagine it faring too well piled high with a heaping bite of sauce and pasta. Long live the fork!

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Reach for the silicone grips

Trudeau Silicone Pinch Grips

Put those clunky oven mitts away and stick out a hand for these Trudeau Silicone Pinch Grips. Easy gripping and cool to the touch, they’re perfect for peeking under the lid of hot pans. Available in a variety of colors, the bright grabbers feature a ridged inner surface that allows for a secure grip when handling even the slipperiest of items. At five bucks a pop, it might be worth it to keep one (or two) handy.

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You too can fondue

Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set

Fondue couldn’t be easier than with this Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set. No matter if you prefer sweet or savory, broth or oil, the fondue of your choice is as simple as can be. A stoneware insert allows for 2-quart capacity bourguignonne fondue, while if you prefer cheese or chocolate, a 3.25-cup capacity stoneware insert will do the trick. The electric pot also features a variable temperature dial eliminating the need to fuss with an uneven flame. The fondue set includes six serving forks, and recipes are also included. You too can revisit (or visit for the first time) a classic communal party meal designed to bring people together. Also makes for a great gift.

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