Hamburger Scatter Cushions

Hamburger Scatter Cushions

Burgers are always better when they are homemade. I think the same could probably be said for burger-themed house wares. Personally, I can say that these Hamburger Scatter Cushions appear to be the best hamburger cushions I have ever seen. While I cannot attest to the taste, I can proudly say that I wouldn’t mind resting my head on that hamburger patty. While thankfully there does not appear to be any special sauce, I cannot help but wonder where the pickles got off to. Oh, perhaps they are just in another room with the onions. In any event, it’s the most comfortable looking burger I have ever seen.

(Via A Hamburger Today)

Hamburger Scatter Cushions


  1. Thiss is amazing! I have to get the material to buy this, what did you use to stuff them?:)

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