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The New AeroGarden’s Are Here, The New AeroGarden is here!

I wonder what a tomato has to say?

Okay, maybe an Alexa enabled garden isn’t really about giving a voice to fruits and vegetables. (Who knows what plants have to say?) But what Alexa does do for you is help you control your new countertop garden. The AeroGarden Bounty Elite – Stainless Steel (Alexa-Enabled) is a new 2019 version of the popular indoor garden.

Featuring a sleek look and automated controls, year round veggies and herbs are only a countertop away — if your veggies have anything to say about it that is.

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Thompson & Morgan’s TomTato Tomato Potato Plant

You say tomato, I say potato. Thompson & Morgan says TomTato.

What does it all mean? Well, as others have pointed out, this means that the TomTato is a ketchup and fries plant. It is a tomato plant grafted on to potato roots. It’s called the TomTato and it’s available from Thompson & Morgan.

It’s okay if you want to call the whole thing off.

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Grow Your Own Pizza Kit

Grow Your Own Pizza Kit

It’s important for kids to know where there food comes from. For example, they should be made aware of the fact that pizza grows on trees. They might not believe you (being the bright little critters they can be), so you might just have to prove it to them. Slowly.

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Herbs On The Wall With Wooly Pocket

Wally from Wooly Pocket is a modular planter system.

Any cook who has ever picked up a fry pan has thought about starting an herb garden. Unfortunately, that dream doesn’t always grow into a reality. The most common of excuses also happens to be the most difficult to overcome: lack of space. If you’re climbing the walls over the high cost of herbs at the store, there happens to be something useful to do about it while you are up there.

Wally from Wooly Pockets is a modular growing system that hangs from the wall. Featuring environmentally responsible construction, the planters are soft-sided and breathable, allowing herbs the opportunity to thrive anywhere. (For those that do have the space, see Wooly Pockets other products, Meadow and Islands.)

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Grow Your Own Salad Kit… For Fifty Bucks

Salad Set -- Fifty dollar salad-in-a-box

Now, for only $49.99 you, yes, you could be the proud owner of… some seeds and a bowl. Somebody here was thinking (just not for your benefit): pretty packaging with some gardening “secrets” thrown in, and the salad-in-a-box is sure to be this summer’s hot item.

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Prepara Power Plant Professional grows fresh herbs

Prepara Power Plant Professional

Fresh herbs brighten any meal. Using herbs is probably the easiest way to take your cooking to the next level. However, the simple little addition of freshly cut herbs is not as easy as it sounds. After all, if you want to use herbs, you have to buy herbs. Considering that it’s not always easy to keep fresh herbs, well… fresh, it’s no wonder that this vital ingredient often goes overlooked.

With the Prepara Power Plant Professional you can always have fresh herbs on hand. The indoor garden doesn’t require any soil; instead, seeds are bathed in a nutrient solution, eventually growing to full height with little maintenance. Good news for those of us whose thumbs have not even a tinge of green.

UPDATE 7/18/12: Links above no longer grow anywhere. But this one does:
Prepara PPL1-PP201 Power Plant Professional

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