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No Ice Wine Bottle Chiller

Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

Who knows what lurks in the murky depth of the ice bucket? You do! At least you will after picking up the Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller.

Instead of a slowly melting mess, hiding at the bottom of the ice bucket, there will be nothing but clean, crisp air. No ice, no muss and no fuss. Just pre-chill the bottle and the acrylic cooler will keep it from warming up.

All you’ve got to worry about is knowing the wine label will be soon through those double walls — therefore, not recommended for Two (and-a-half, now) Buck Chuck!

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PolyScience Anti-Griddle

PolyScience AG30AC1B Anti-Griddle

Griddles are nice and all, but they do a lousy job when it comes time to chill things down. That’s probably for the best considering hot cakes are supposed to be hot and all. But when it is time to flip the switch and flash freeze some food, the freezer above the fridge just takes too long.

Enter the PolyScience Anti-Griddle.

With a surface temperature of -30°F (-34.4°C) the cold, cold gadget is capable of freezing food on contact. It’s made appearances on TV shows like Iron Chef and is now available to order for the home. Beware, it’s not cheap though; buying one will set you back well over a grand.

Frozen pancakes anyone?

Product Description:
PolyScience temperature control expertise goes well beyond Sous Vide and other methods of adding heat. We’re also experts at taking heat away quickly. The resulting flash freezing enables you to quickly turn sauces, purees, crèmes, vinaigrettes and other foods into very different solid or semi-frozen creations. Cool, creamy centers and crunchy surfaces can be created in just seconds with the PolyScience Anti-Griddle featuring a -30°F / -34.4ºC plate that allows rapid unidirectional freezing. The Anti-Griddle flash freezing technique, originally inspired by Chef Grant Achatz, allows you to easily prepare appealing dual-texture creations and explore an entirely new culinary realm. The possibilities are truly endless. Create frozen desserts and appetizers with cool, liquid centers. Combine flash frozen lollipops with a novel ingredient in place of traditional sticks. For example, a vanilla caramel ice cream lollipop on a rosemary sprig. Top salads with frozen vinaigrettes that melt on the plate when served. Adorn dishes with intricate frozen ornaments, easily transferred from the Anti-Griddle to the plate. Flash freeze tableside or at the buffet to provide guests with unique, personal and exciting dining experiences.

***UPDATE 10/8/14*** The link above is broken, so check out the Anti-Griddle directly at Polyscience.

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When On The Rocks Isn’t Cold Enough

Margaritaville NBMGDC1000 Chillin' Pour Liquor Chiller

Most alcoholic beverages are somewhat of a required taste. Remember your first beer? Doesn’t taste so odd now, huh? As a gateway drug drink, beer has nothing on the next level up: hard liquor. Soon after discovering that sugar is an effective mixer, 21-year-olds (ahem) everywhere learn that, for their still-developing tastebuds, when it comes to booze, colder is better.

Providing a means to chill drinks colder than ice, the Margaritaville NBMGDC1000 Chillin’ Pour Liquor Chiller is a super-freezer and a drink-dispenser all in one. Chilling spirits down to 15-degrees F, the small countertop unit uses a distinctive throttle handle to ease out a shot of super-cooled booze. The unique bar accessory holds up to 750-mL of booze, or just enough to get the frat party started. At a price point similar to that of a college textbook or two, it may not constitute required reading, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise what will get more use.

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Ice In Wine, No; Wine In Ice, Yes

Exaco Nice Ice Cooler

It may be a faux pas to put ice in wine, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with putting wine in ice. Especially when it looks this good. A big chunk of ice is always impressive, and sticking a bottle of wine through the center of it makes it even more so. That’s exactly what the Exaco Nice Ice Cooler can do for you. Part mold, part centerpiece, the contraption creates a tall cylindrical ice sculpture with room for a bottle of wine. Melting into the included base over a period of 6-hours (in a 70-degree environment), the novel wine cooler should (one would hope) last a lot longer than that bottle of wine it is meant to chill.

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Score with Chillzanne

Pampered Chef Chillzanne Rectangle Server

With the Super Bowl right on the horizon it’s time to consider the most important aspect of the game: the menu. Chips and dips have a natural affinity for televised sporting events, and during the Big Game, ‘Super Bowl’ has more than one meaning. No matter what snack you reach for on Super Sunday, you’re going to need something to put it in.

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Porta Cool makes it easier to chill

Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket

Enjoying a nice picnic in the park is a good way to spend the day. Enjoying a cool bottle of wine at your picnic in the park is a great way to spend the day. However, that wine will need to be chilled somehow. Since picnickers are already loaded down with food, utensils and carrying equipment (not to mention fun and games), one less thing to lug around would certainly be welcome.

The Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket is a space-saving ice bucket that stores flat for easy portability. Keep it in your picnic basket and when you get to your destination, just inflate and fill with ice. The bucket measures 9.5-inches tall with a 9.5-inch diameter, so chilling a couple of bottles should be no problem. The best part is when your picnic is done and all the delicious food and beverages have been devoured, all you have to do is deflate and store it back in your picnic basket. Toss the empties in the recycling, pick up your picnic basket and you are on your way.

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