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And Just Like That It Is Friday

Time to go out and have a nice picnic! Well, as soon as designer Michael Jan gets around to making his portable folding Napkin Table a reality, that is. Until that time I guess we will just have to eat on the ground with the ants.

Via Oh Gizmo!

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Take Back The Picnic: Edible Ants

Giant Toasted Leafcutter Ants from ThinkGeek

Want a real way to keep ants away from your picnic? Eat them. No, not those tiny little walking black dots that get lost in the folds of the picnic blanket. To truly get their attention, you need to gobble up their leaders like you’re Andrew Zimmern. These Giant Toasted Leafcutter Ants from ThinkGeek are just the thing. Real, edible ants, toasted just for you and put in a jar—just like any other snack. Each ant measures about an inch long and are said to have a nutty, bacon-like taste—a perfect compliment for the cold fried chicken and potato salad.

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Gigantic Flying Ants Make Away With Picnic!

Ant Tablecloth Weights

Well… they look like flying ants to me. But (hopefully) they are just the Ant Tablecloth Weights they claim to be.

Product Description:

Table cloth weights will let you reign over your domain while providing a festive touch to your outdoor dining experience. Simply clip to your table cloth to insure place settings stay put if a sudden gust of wind joins you for dinner. Resin, metal, 1 x 1/2 x 1/2″.

***UPDATE 5/30/2014*** The ants flew the coop! But no worries, they may not be available at the link above any longer, but ants have a way of continually showing up. Like here: Boston Warehouse Picnic Party Tablecloth Weights, Set of 4

October 1, 2010   1 Comment

Handy Holders Keep Drinks Off The Grass

Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus

Grass is misleading. It looks like it should be all soft and fluffy, but in reality it’s sharp and pointy. And hardly as evenly-spaced as it looks. Along with sand (grrr…), grass has a tendency to just get in the way. However, cover it with a large blanket, and now you’re talking. Just add some warm weather and cool beverages and you got yourself an afternoon that can’t be beat. Until you try to set down your drink on bumpy grass or hot sand (grrr…).

For some of us, the Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus makes perfect sense. Spiked into the ground, the hand-shaped 12-inch stainless-steel helper stabilizes your drink for you. As an added bonus, ice-cold beverages stay cooler longer, safely suspended up over the terrors of grass and sand.

Also available for wine.

June 3, 2010   No Comments

Wine Tote For Alligator Pod People

Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case

Like some space alien pod, or perhaps a toothless alligator, the Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case spits out a bottle of wine wherever you may be. Featuring a leatherette exterior, an insulated lining and a handy accessory drawer, the sleek wine case makes a wine-toting fashion statement from the swamp to space.

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The Picnic Tote That (Thankfully) Doesn’t Know When To Say When

Bottle Bag by Reisenthel

If you see someone walking around with one of these bags—follow them! Chances are they’re going to the best picnic in the park. Holding nine bottles of wine at a time, the Bottle Bag by Reisenthel makes it easy to transport wine to any occasion. Featuring individual compartments that keep each bottle secure while en-route, the foldable bag with padded Velcro handle is sure to be the number one picnic accessory of the year—certainly the most appreciated by those in attendance.

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