Chemistry 101 Flask Book

Time to hit the books! For those that hid comic books inside their schoolbooks in elementary school, there is now a grown-up version. The Chemistry 101 Flask Book is the college student’s answer to getting through long study sessions (by passing out). Who ever said studying can’t be fun? Cheers!

Skybar Chill Cubes

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and when it comes to drinking, apparently many will toast to that. Just look at all these whiskey stones. Upping the ante (and the price) are the Skybar Chill Cubes. Not only do the reusable ice cubes come with a new and shiny stainless steel exterior, but the… Continue reading Skybar Chill Cubes

Jim Beam Grill Basket

I’m not really sure why Jim Beam’s name is on this Jim Beam Grill Basket, but as long as he brings the flavor, I’m not one to argue. Regardless, the grill accessory is well-suited for corralling small items and delicate foods–especially when hanging out with Jim Beam.

Martini Glass Topples, Probably Still Falls Down

It’s not too much to ask for a martini glass that doesn’t want to topple over. However when it comes to barware, long stemmed martini glasses are an accident waiting to happen. (Remember, these things are meant to be filled with booze!) Overcoming tradition is not always an easy thing, but if it means less… Continue reading Martini Glass Topples, Probably Still Falls Down