Mood Lighting For Your Drink

Litecubes RAINBOW Light up LED Ice Cubes

Drinks go down better in the dark; it’s why the best bars are dark, of course. But mood lighting can at times be too moody, to the point nobody can see anything. While depending on your company this may or may not be a good thing, it never hurts to be able to see what you’re getting into.

Litecubes RAINBOW Light up LED Ice Cubes come as a set of a dozen and add a splash of frozen color to any drink. The one-inch square cubes are made of FDA-approved cast acrylic that is packed with coolant gel. When activated, they phase through eight different color cycles. Reusable, all that is needed to brighten up your night is to take ‘em out of the freezer and then drop ‘em in the drink. Also available in Golf Ball Form.

Set of 4 Litecubes RAINBOW Light up LED Golf Balls by DirectGlow LLC

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