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PolyScience Anti-Griddle

PolyScience AG30AC1B Anti-Griddle

Griddles are nice and all, but they do a lousy job when it comes time to chill things down. That’s probably for the best considering hot cakes are supposed to be hot and all. But when it is time to flip the switch and flash freeze some food, the freezer above the fridge just takes too long.

Enter the PolyScience Anti-Griddle.

With a surface temperature of -30°F (-34.4°C) the cold, cold gadget is capable of freezing food on contact. It’s made appearances on TV shows like Iron Chef and is now available to order for the home. Beware, it’s not cheap though; buying one will set you back well over a grand.

Frozen pancakes anyone?

Product Description:
PolyScience temperature control expertise goes well beyond Sous Vide and other methods of adding heat. We’re also experts at taking heat away quickly. The resulting flash freezing enables you to quickly turn sauces, purees, crèmes, vinaigrettes and other foods into very different solid or semi-frozen creations. Cool, creamy centers and crunchy surfaces can be created in just seconds with the PolyScience Anti-Griddle featuring a -30°F / -34.4ºC plate that allows rapid unidirectional freezing. The Anti-Griddle flash freezing technique, originally inspired by Chef Grant Achatz, allows you to easily prepare appealing dual-texture creations and explore an entirely new culinary realm. The possibilities are truly endless. Create frozen desserts and appetizers with cool, liquid centers. Combine flash frozen lollipops with a novel ingredient in place of traditional sticks. For example, a vanilla caramel ice cream lollipop on a rosemary sprig. Top salads with frozen vinaigrettes that melt on the plate when served. Adorn dishes with intricate frozen ornaments, easily transferred from the Anti-Griddle to the plate. Flash freeze tableside or at the buffet to provide guests with unique, personal and exciting dining experiences.

***UPDATE 10/8/14*** The link above is broken, so check out the Anti-Griddle directly at Polyscience.

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Be Your Own Pizza Delivery Guy

20 x 20 in Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

There’s a well-known national brand of frozen pizza that purports to be as good as delivery. Whether or not that is actually true is up to your own taste buds to decide (and determined by the quality of delivery in your area). One way to at least extend the illusion is with this affordable Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag. Yes, you can buy them.

The red insulated bag measures 20-inches by 20-inches, which is of course larger than most any frozen pizza one might come across. However, if one has designs on stocking up on frozen pizza and then passing them off as delivery, a little sleight of hand could do the trick. Just be sure to use a clean box.

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Spin me a (half-baked) pizza

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

A buddy of mine at one time owned an old ‘portable’ CD player in name only. Smaller than the actual CD, the payer operated by spinning the disk in the open air. As the disc passed the enclosed portion the laser read the CD and sent the music to attached speakers or headphones. Of course, the fact that the CD was spinning furiously meant you could not move it while it was playing. Yes, it may have been as small as an iPod, and yes, it did actually play CD’s, but it may as well have been a stationary player.

Despite instantly reminding me about a ridiculous concept for a portable CD player, the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven, rates surprisingly high in customer reviews at Amazon. The rotating pizza oven (with ‘RotaBake(TM) technology’) has top and bottom heating elements for precision baking control. Self-rising pizzas can be baked by running the bottom element first before turning on the top element. If you like your pizza with a crispy crust, that can be achieved by letting the bottom element run for a little longer. Clearly designed for the frozen pizza market, the oven looks like it might be able to step up to the task – like a half-useful portable CD player.

(Via Boing Boing)

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My ice cube is better than your ice cube

Citrus Sippers

Kids will love this original spin on chilled drinks. Instead of using boring old “regular” ice cubes, Citrus Sippers create an entirely new way to enjoy cool beverages. Just freeze juice along with the included straw in the fun fruit-shaped ice mold, and when ready the ice will stick to the straw. As the juice melts, new flavors will be released, and the last sip will be as delicious as the first. Kids will especially appreciate this because they just want to mix all the flavors together anyways!

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