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Wide-mouthed frog serves up no flies

Frog Dip Bowl & Spreader

I had a frog growing up. Well, a frog-shaped cookie jar, that is. I think he had a yellow bow tie. While that distinguishing feature somehow made raiding the cookie jar OK, this wide-mouthed frog has a bowlful of dip in its belly.

The Frog Dip Bowl & Spreader brightens up the party spread. Good for dips and cheeses, the earthenware frog comes with a spreading knife to match. It’s not easy being green, but this little guy keeps trying — hopefully those aren’t flies in that dip!

May 22, 2009   No Comments

Lobster Spoonrest

Lobster Spoonrest

Practically every time I cook, I drop a utensil on the floor. Usually it is a result of trying to balance one too many things or to avoid messing up another dish. Whatever the reason, I could dramatically reduce utensil-related mishaps if I only had a stable base to rest cooking implements – perhaps something like this Lobster Spoonrest.

Bright red and sure to provoke conversation, the handy earthenware crustacean is a convenient holder for your cooking spoon. Easily wiped clean, the spoon holder saves countertops and stoves from the drippy, runny messes that all too often accompany mealtime. No matter what you’re cooking, this helpful little lobster is there to give you a claw hand.

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Whiskey Stones: Drink like a (proper) caveman

Whiskey Stones

For the modern-day refined caveman that wishes to drink in style there has never been many options. However, no longer must evolutionary holdouts succumb to the indignity of having to sip an 18-year-old single malt Scotch from a glass chilled with common ice cubes. Surely success has some rewards, and for the discerning caveman who has lasted this long there can be no greater reward than surviving itself. Oh, that and these Whiskey Stones cut by some enterprising soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont. For use when only the finest will do.

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Flavor your food with Prepara Oil Mister

Prepara Oil Mister

You know those store-bought spray oils in a can that you use for maybe one or two things? Well, say goodbye to those, because the Prepara Oil Mister makes it easy to use not only the oil of your choosing, but to flavor it with herbs and spices too. Simply fill the BPA glass reservoir with oil and whatever you want and the unique filtering system will keep the sprayer from getting clogged.

Use it to add a thin layer of (delicious) oil to salads, or anything else you can think of. I’ve always sparingly used those somewhat off-tasting spray oil cans on air-popped popcorn just to give the salt something to stick to. Now, I can ditch the can entirely and actually add some flavor too.

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Home version of Iron Chef Mario Batali made of tin

Food Flippin' Mario Batali Tin Wind-up Toy

Mario Batali is a big man, both in stature and profession. As such, he would probably be difficult to get to visit your home kitchen to help prepare the family meal. Luckily, a home version of Mario Batali is now available, in the form of a Food Flippin’ Mario Batali Tin Wind-up Toy.

As the patron saint of your kitchen, this pint-sized Mario (5.25-inches tall), will stand guard over your pasta preparation. Handsomely crafted in tin, the wind-up toy lets loose by flipping its own pan of spaghetti and meatballs. Depending on how you interpret the expression on his face, he could either be passionately awaiting your completed meal, or admonishing you for mispronouncing spaghetti. (Which, of course, he should do.) Either way, this Iron Chef could be yours for $9.95.

April 20, 2009   1 Comment

Fondue Kissed with chocolate

Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker

If there is one thing that chocolate lovers agree on is that there is never enough chocolate. Well, how about melting down a batch and then dipping chocolate pieces into that? Because with the Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker I don’t see any other option. Sure, you could dip fresh strawberries into the iconic Hershey’s Kiss, but why would you do that when you could just dunk in a Hershey’s Kiss?

March 18, 2009   No Comments