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Food Channel Top Ten Dessert Trends. No Pie!

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2011

Apparently Food Channel didn’t get the memo from General Mills. Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have declared 2011 to be The Year of the Pie. And here Food Channel is touting cupcakes as a continuing trend. For shame.

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Crème brûlée branding iron

Crème brûlée branding iron at Savoy, NYC. Photo by Melissa Hom.

For a new take (done in old way) on crème brûlée check out what Savoy is doing in NYC. Instead of using a butane torch to brown the top of the custard, they opt to use a branding iron. While you probably won’t find a Crème Brûlée Branding Iron any time soon in your local kitchen gadget emporium, consider that a good excuse to visit the restaurant next time you find yourself in the Big Apple.

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Fondue Kissed with chocolate

Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker

If there is one thing that chocolate lovers agree on is that there is never enough chocolate. Well, how about melting down a batch and then dipping chocolate pieces into that? Because with the Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker I don’t see any other option. Sure, you could dip fresh strawberries into the iconic Hershey’s Kiss, but why would you do that when you could just dunk in a Hershey’s Kiss?

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