Home version of Iron Chef Mario Batali made of tin

Food Flippin' Mario Batali Tin Wind-up Toy

Mario Batali is a big man, both in stature and profession. As such, he would probably be difficult to get to visit your home kitchen to help prepare the family meal. Luckily, a home version of Mario Batali is now available, in the form of a Food Flippin’ Mario Batali Tin Wind-up Toy.

As the patron saint of your kitchen, this pint-sized Mario (5.25-inches tall), will stand guard over your pasta preparation. Handsomely crafted in tin, the wind-up toy lets loose by flipping its own pan of spaghetti and meatballs. Depending on how you interpret the expression on his face, he could either be passionately awaiting your completed meal, or admonishing you for mispronouncing spaghetti. (Which, of course, he should do.) Either way, this Iron Chef could be yours for $9.95.

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