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A toast to these great space coasters

Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand

It looks like a space-car part out of the Jetsons, or perhaps a board game from Star Trek, but this shiny contrivance is actually a five-piece coaster set. The Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand may take up a fair amount of room on your living room table (each coaster measures four inches), but it is sure to act as a conversation starter; consider it an icebreaker before breaking out the real ice. When the drinks finally do hit the table, the stainless-steel coasters along with the rubber bases will keep your table top neat and tidy and free of Saturn’s rings.

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Take out you keep

New East Take Out Serving Container by Boston Warehouse

While clamshell take-out containers may be all the rage, every once in a while you come across a place that sends you packing with an iconic little box. The New East Take Out Serving Container by Boston Warehouse won’t come filled with leftover Mongolian Beef or Kung Pao Chicken, but it will hold 34-ounces of whatever you decide. Suggestion: Shrimp Fried Rice from Tu Lan. Julia Child liked it, so should you.

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Mysterious Russian nesting dolls measure accurately

M-Cups from Fred & Friends

It must be by some prescient force of Russian magic that Sergei Maliutin and Vasiliy Zvezdochkin created Russian nesting dolls. How else would they have been able to know that over 100 years later, the toy would be discovered to be an actual tool? Whether you call them nesting dolls or matrioshka, matryoshka, babushka dolls, or stacking dolls, the fact remains: they accurately act as measuring cups.

Okay, so well, you need the M-Cups from Fred & Friends to actually use the nesting dolls as measuring cups, but the fact remains that this set is just as home in the kitchen as it is on the tchotchke shelf. At least in the case of this set, they accurately measure 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup. How? We may never know. Like how the moon can be just the right size to cause the occasional perfect solar eclipse, some things may never well be answered.

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Not your Italian grandmother’s pasta server

Buona Server! from Fred & Friends

What’s the best thing to serve with pasta with? Why pasta, of course! The Buona Server! from Fred & Friends is a beechwood serving spoon complete with toothed edge and draining holes to better scoop out the pasta. What makes this pasta spoon unique, however, is that it is literally a pasta spoon. The silicone spaghetti padding at the end of the handle not only gives a comfortable-as-spaghetti grip, but also makes for an attractive serving device at the table. Your Italian grandmother would be so proud.

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Iconic NYC mug survives the test of time

We Are Happy To Serve You

It wasn’t long ago that New Yorkers could everywhere be found sipping coffee out of iconic blue coffee cups. Those days may be threatened, but the icon will continue. The We Are Happy To Serve You cup lives on in ceramic form. The Grecian inspired design was created in the 60’s and quickly became the go-to to-go coffee cup for NYC delis and coffee vendors. Cheaper alternatives may be pushing the famous cup out of the marketplace, but for $12, you can still grab a little piece of history. The design is licensed exclusively from the Solo Cup Operating Corporation, so like NYC itself, you know you’re getting an original.

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Zombie-bait salt and pepper shakers

Brain Salt and Pepper Shakers

Trying to catch a zombie? You’ll need some bait. That is unless you wish to put your own braaaaaains at risk. While Brain Salt and Pepper Shakers might not contain all the smarty goodness that zombies crave, the discerning zombie will surely seek out a way to season their victim’s braaaaaains. When not attracting zombies, the two hemispheres hold together via a magnet and supply your dining table with good ol’ salt and pepper. Meanwhile, when you want to take a break from your zombie hunting, check out this Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold after the jump.

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