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Past and present collide with this kitchen tool

Homo Sapiens Caveman Kitchen Tool

If only all kitchen tools were this easy to use. You look at it and you know what it is used for: anything it wants. The Homo Sapiens Caveman Kitchen Tool is a throwback to the earliest days of cooking. While I doubt too many cavemen were concerned with grating garlic or ginger (as this sandstone tool is capable of), the simple effectiveness of a heavy object as a useful cooking implement cannot be denied (nor will it).

Useful for tenderizing meat or grinding herbs into a paste, the tool also features a flat edge for sharpening knives. Unlike the cooking tools of the far past, this one has one additional benefit that eluded our caveman ancestors: it is dishwasher safe.

July 15, 2009   No Comments

Whiskey Stones: Drink like a (proper) caveman

Whiskey Stones

For the modern-day refined caveman that wishes to drink in style there has never been many options. However, no longer must evolutionary holdouts succumb to the indignity of having to sip an 18-year-old single malt Scotch from a glass chilled with common ice cubes. Surely success has some rewards, and for the discerning caveman who has lasted this long there can be no greater reward than surviving itself. Oh, that and these Whiskey Stones cut by some enterprising soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont. For use when only the finest will do.

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