Lobster Bottle Opener

It’s hard to deny the power of lobster; it is also hard to deny the deliciousness of beer. Luckily, those two things go together like lobster and sand. Sand-casted aluminum, that is. Put them together and what do you got? Why, a Lobster Bottle Opener of course. Cheers!

Crab Dip Bowl not just for crab dip

I find something slightly unnerving about serving platters made to look like animals. Considering the fact that most crabs would likely not approve of crab dip, it’s no wonder that this particular giant crab is holding a lighthouse hostage. If you can get past the steely glare offered by this hand painted Crab Dip Bowl… Continue reading Crab Dip Bowl not just for crab dip

Lobster Spoonrest

Practically every time I cook, I drop a utensil on the floor. Usually it is a result of trying to balance one too many things or to avoid messing up another dish. Whatever the reason, I could dramatically reduce utensil-related mishaps if I only had a stable base to rest cooking implements – perhaps something… Continue reading Lobster Spoonrest

Cover up the goodies before you break ‘em out

A secret family recipe that is always a hit consists of a crab and cheese* mixture on bread. These sure-fire party treats need to set up in the freezer before they can be unleashed. If I’m bringing them to a party, what better way than to just grab ‘em out of the freezer? The Fat… Continue reading Cover up the goodies before you break ‘em out