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A Whisk That Mashes And Mixes

Progressive International Whisk It

Every day kitchen gadgets get pressed into service for tasks that they have no business performing. However, as seemingly a good idea that it may be to stretch the utility of any particular kitchen tool, more often than not the results are underwhelming—and then the tool that was meant to be used gets up being used anyways…

Saving time (and frustration) in the kitchen, the Progressive International Whisk It is a multitasker that is meant to be. Designed to be used for mixing, mashing and whisking, the unique handheld kitchen gadget makes it easy to get the job done right—the first time.

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Cheers To Salt And Pepper

Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

Food just wouldn’t be the same without salt and pepper. Neither would many drinks. From ‘salt on the rim’ to a nice peppery bloody mary, the two spices add a depth of flavor that is unbeatable. Makes perfect sense to wrap ‘em up in the shape of a wine glass and bottle, right? If you agree, the Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers could be yours. Cheers.

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Retrosink: Antique Winged Corkscrew

True Fabrications Antique Winged Corkscrew

It isn’t always easy to find kitchen gear that could belong in any era. An antiqued microwave oven? No thanks. But an antiqued corkscrew? Well that just makes sense. The True Fabrications Antique Winged Corkscrew may not be a true antique, but it does look as if it belongs in a bygone era. Might even work better than that fancy electric corkscrew collecting dust in the back of the cupboard.

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Bacon Candle Made From Real Bacon

Aunt Sadie’s Bacon Premium Scented Candle

While it may seem like a cruel practical joke to play on your household, Aunt Sadie’s Bacon Premium Scented Candle does offer all of the smell of frying bacon with none of the fat… Ah, who are we trying to kid here? Smell of bacon but no bacon to eat? Evil. Pure rendered evil.

November 19, 2010   1 Comment

Better Rolling Through Chemistry

Fiesta Red Silicone 10-Inch Rolling Pin

Silicone is some pretty amazing stuff. Perfectly suited for kitchen use, the wonder material is heat-resistant, flexible and cleans up easily. And not much sticks to it, which makes it ideal for rolling out sticky dough. The Fiesta Red Silicone 10-Inch Rolling Pin is a modern update on a kitchen essential. Similar in style to a standard rolling pin, the old-timey kitchen gadget adds the benefits of silicone technology, with little or no sacrifice to tradition. Best of all, it’s cheap too.

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Cupcake Stand Shows Off

Betty Crocker Cupcake Stand

The popularity of the cupcake isn’t too hard to understand. Like little sweet jewels they stand out amongst duller competition. And you can eat them, that’s always good.

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