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Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines

Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines By Collections Etc

Coffee in the morning is an essential part of waking up. Or, one could just take a quick glance at any of these Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines By Collections Etc. The set is comprised of coffee related accessories and all of these polyresin figures have crazy smiles on their faces. Not sure what they are so excited about though seeing as they are about to be ground, heated and brewed. Perhaps they have had too many cups of themselves to start off the day! In any event, the set is quite affordable at under $20 and would make for a fun gift for any coffee lover — assuming of course they can get past the expressions on these little guys in the morning.

January 18, 2013   3 Comments

Giftcraft Retroflections Chatterbox Teapot

Giftcraft Telephone Retroflections Chatterbox Phone Teapot

Sure, the spout on the right side gives it away as a teapot, but what the heck is that big, blue thing supposed to be?

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One Waffle At A Time No More

Nordic Ware 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron

Waffle makers are a good way to make waffles. (Just try making a waffle without one!) Not only are they convenient and easy to use, they also do most of the work for you; just plug it in and pour in the batter. But what did they do in the time before power outlets?

Long before waffle makers plugged into the wall, people were making waffles with something like the NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron. The old-timey contraption is designed for use directly on the stovetop, allowing waffle eaters everywhere the opportunity to create delicious waffles without the need for electricity. (Or at least without plugging in an additional appliance.) Featuring a folding design that unhinges for easy storage, the old-fashioned waffle iron offers a fun, new (to us) take on the classic breakfast (or lunch, or dinner…) fare.

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July 4th Ham

1942 Ad July 4th Quick Ready Serve Swifts Premium Ham - Original Print Ad

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than with a meal like above? The above ad was found while perusing the Period Paper Storefront from the other day. Be sure to check out the whole 1942 Ad July 4th Quick Ready Serve Swifts Premium Ham РOriginal Print Ad. Perfect for your kitchen d̩cor any time of year. Yum!

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Chinese Dinner Party 1929 Stella Benson Block Print

1929 Print Chinese Dinner Party China Chop Sticks Kuaizi Table Wok Stella Benson - Relief Line-block Print

This seems like a good opportunity to open up a new category. Welcome to the first post filed under ‘Decorative,’ enjoy!

What we have above is a Chinese Dinner Party 1929 Wood Block Print By Stella Benson.

I took the opportunity to learn a little about Stella Benson. She was born in 1892 to a wealthy English family. During her lifetime she traveled and wrote. Apparently she also made wood blocks. She died of pneumonia at the age of forty in December 1933 at Hongay in the Vietnamese province of Tonkin. She left behind a catalog of works that include multiple novels and poetry collections. (Via Wikipedia, July 2, 2012.)

The print above comes from a seller specializing in paper goods. They have a bunch of Stella Benson’s works available for sale right now. They images capture a sense of what travel meant to her. The seller has priced these at around $35 each, which seems incredibly reasonable to me. So if you are looking for a way to spruce up the walls in a unique way, definitely check out the PeriodPaper Storefront on Amazon. Good stuff.

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Old-Timey Toast With The Genuine Pyramid Toaster

Jacob Bromwell Original Genuine Pyramid Toaster

The Jacob Bromwell Original Genuine Pyramid Toaster is old. As in old-timey charm, that is. The camping contrivance is designed to be placed over an open fire and holds a couple of slices of bread at a time. Within a few moments, the device turns out nicely-browned toast, quickly and easily–no extension cords required.

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