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No Need To Pass The Gravy

Cook's Essentials Set of 2 18oz. Electric Gravy Warmers

Finally, an end to the need to pass hot gravy around the table. These Cook’s Essentials Electric Gravy Warmers come in a set of two, and stop gravy-related mishaps before they happen. Featuring detachable power cords, the gravy boats keep gravy warm at the table simply and elegantly. And at less than twenty bucks for the set, getting one for each place setting is within reach. Hopefully there is a cardiologist in the family. Season’s eatings!

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Refrigerator Magnet Promises To Be Next Big Thing

Sometime next year (and hopefully not on April 1st), we will see a true revolution in refrigerator technology. Water and ice dispensers are one thing, but one that pours forth nacho cheese? Instant winner for Best Technology Of The Year.

The roots will be traced back and it will be realized that all credit for the idea belongs to Archie McPhee for their representation of a quality refrigerator door with this Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet. Of course, sooner or later some other company will improve upon the model and add chicken wings and frozen yogurt just like on the magnet. Of course regardless of the source of inspiration, a trick like getting your fridge to dispense french fries and chicken wings deserves all the accolades it gets.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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Brew To The Dark Side

Star Wars Vader's Dark Roast Coffee

Yes, Star Wars does coffee. The branding machine that is the Star Wars empire has decided to plaster their name on whole bean coffee. Oddly enough, considering the popularity of coffee and the quality of those dreaded prequels, this move might just ensure the longevity of the franchise. Get your Star Wars Vader’s Dark Roast Coffee over at ThinkGeek and remember to brew to full strength for maximum enjoyment while crushing the rebel alliance.

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Apple Cooker Set Cores And Cooks

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but after a while it can boring eating the same thing day in and day out. For a change of pace try baking an apple. Add cinnamon, a little brown sugar and a dab of butter and you got yourself a sweet treat that’s good to eat. Don’t bake the core though; you’re going to need to remove that. Also, you’re going to need something to cook it in… something like this Mastrad Fruit Cooker Set. Featuring a combination scoop and corer to complement the fun apple shape, the silicone cooker has the added benefit of reminding you of what’s in the oven.

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Like A Big Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi Cutter

It was only a matter of time.

Quick question: which pizza has more pizza? The 18” large at pizzeria A or the 16” large at pizzeria B? Why pizzeria A of course. But if they charge a higher price for their large, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best deal. To figure out the area of any pizza circle, pi is necessary. Remember pi x r-squared? Yup, that’s area. As in usable, eatable pizza pie. So it seems only appropriate that the Pizza Pi Cutter exists.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account any coupons for chicken wings to go with, but it would work for mostly circular chicken nuggets. But if your pizzeria is hawking nuggets, you probably want the other pizzeria anyways.

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Serving Crackers On Their Own Tray

Wilton Armetale Reggae Cracker Tray

Crackers often get overlooked. Special attention is always paid to the cheese or the spread, but when it comes to the delivery vehicle–the cracker–more often than not they get tossed onto a plate as an afterthought. Even saltines deserve better. The Wilton Armetale Reggae Cracker Tray elevates the lowly cracker on up to the level of its serving partner. The 13-inch long platter holds at least a package of crackers and also happens to be safe for oven use–but serving hot crackers probably won’t fool anybody into thinking you made them yourself.

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