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Smell Like White Castle

White Castle Ceramic Scented Candle

What do a candle and a steaming White Castle burger have in common? Nothing, except they are both only good after dark. While late nights and a belly full of booze may be required for admission into a White Castle dining establishment, the White Castle Ceramic Scented Candle doesn’t require an altered state to be used. Especially useful for Left-Coasters who must endure In-N-Out Burgers to satisfy that burger craving. < /sarcasm >

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Chocolate Fondue Times Two

Trudeau Duo TRU016-1 Chocolate Fondue Set

Fondue is a commitment. Sure, one could always vary the flavors by mixing up dippables, but when making a choice about what to actually melt, well, you’ve made your choice; there’s no going back. While a row of two or more fondue pots might sound like a good idea (or at least a delicious one), executing that dream is probably more trouble than it is worth.

The Trudeau Duo TRU016-1 Chocolate Fondue Set simplifies matters by dividing the stoneware bowl. Half for dark chocolate, half for milk chocolate: everybody’s happy. Add some fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Except for maybe those cheese people…

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One Turntable And A Mic(rowave Mixer)

Microwave Mixer

The inside of a microwave isn’t something to play around with. Unless of course, what you’re cooking needs mixing. While it isn’t advised to pop your hand in there while the machine is on (a not-so-easy trick), there is a clever gadget that works in tandem with the rotating turntable your microwave probably already has.

The Microwave Mixer is a handy utensil that sticks to the roof of a microwave staying in place via a suction cup. As the turntable rotates, the gadget stirs what is in the bowl. Much better than walking around with one radiation-enhanced superhero mutant hand anyways.

(Via Oh Gizmo! and Book of Joe)

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Photo Wine Stopper Begs For Before And After Shots

Photo Wine Stopper

Alcohol has a sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-not-so-wonderful way of distorting perception. It’s no secret what wine can do: every culture that ever existed in human history has found one way or another to alter the mind; it’s only natural. Problem is, sometimes those effects can have unintended consequences. The Photo Wine Stopper may be designed to be a clever wine-related gift, but as it is capable of displaying not one, but two separate photos it also would make a great before and after display. Now exactly what those before and after photographs entail is entirely up to you.

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Stay Classy, Hot Dog Toaster

Nostalgia Electrics RHDT-700RETRO Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

When you’re in the market for a hot dog toaster, it’s important to keep it classy. Actually, it’s not very hard to do; what kitchen décor isn’t improved with the addition of a hot dog-making appliance? Why none, of course.

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See Your Spills With A Wine Light

Tipsee Wine Bottle Task Light

Wine is best enjoyed in low-light situations. Mood lighting, candlelight, fireplace, you name it: being able to see just doesn’t go with wine. While drinking (and storing) wine is preferable out of direct light, pouring wine isn’t particularly a good activity to do in the dark.

Understanding this dilemma, the Tipsee Wine Bottle Task Light shines a light in these light-challenged environments. Attaching directly to the neck of a wine bottle, the bright LED lets you see where you are pouring. Of course as convenient as this wine gadget may be, it won’t help much if you are already seeing double.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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