A Whisk That Mashes And Mixes

Progressive International Whisk It

Every day kitchen gadgets get pressed into service for tasks that they have no business performing. However, as seemingly a good idea that it may be to stretch the utility of any particular kitchen tool, more often than not the results are underwhelming—and then the tool that was meant to be used gets up being used anyways…

Saving time (and frustration) in the kitchen, the Progressive International Whisk It is a multitasker that is meant to be. Designed to be used for mixing, mashing and whisking, the unique handheld kitchen gadget makes it easy to get the job done right—the first time.

Product Features:

* One tool designed for mashing, whisking and mixing
* Unique shape contours to bowls
* Squeegee sides clean bowl sides with ease
* Great for mixing and whisking batters; base is shaped for mashing
* Dishwasher safe

Product Description:

This Progressive “Whisk It” is a great all purpose tool in the kitchen. It’s designed for mashing, whisking and mixing in one great tool. Its unique shape contours to bowls and the squeegee sides cleans bowl sides with ease. It features a comfort grip handle and is dishwasher safe.

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