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Old-Timey Toast With The Genuine Pyramid Toaster

Jacob Bromwell Original Genuine Pyramid Toaster

The Jacob Bromwell Original Genuine Pyramid Toaster is old. As in old-timey charm, that is. The camping contrivance is designed to be placed over an open fire and holds a couple of slices of bread at a time. Within a few moments, the device turns out nicely-browned toast, quickly and easily–no extension cords required.

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Free The S’mores

S’more To Love Rack

Graham crackers come in a certain size for a reason: they are (apparently) scientifically proven to be perfectly suited for s’mores. Just consider two of the squares stuffed with a marshmallow and chocolate in between and it seems reasonable enough. However, despite the perfect size, s’mores can be messy things to construct.

Like a cage for s’mores, the S’more To Love Rack is an easy-to-use accessory that brings the campfire treats right into the kitchen. Each individual s’more rests comfortably in its own compartment, and after a few minutes in the oven, the result is a practically mess-free s’more-making experience. Eating them however, well…

But wait! There is S’more To Love.

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Pop Goes The Campfire

Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle

A stick goes a long way at a campfire. You can use it to roast a marshmallow or even cook a hot dog. As delicious as these campfire classics may be, their everlasting popularity has got to be due in part to the lowly stick. (After all, every campfire has one.)
However, while great for hot dogs and s’mores, the stick isn’t very useful for many other cooking tasks—unless of course, it has a wire holder on the end of it.

Perfectly designed for Jiffy Pop, the Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle offers an easy way to introduce a new campfire classic. Long enough to be safely held over the fire, the business end of the ‘stick’ is fashioned into a loop, providing a clever way to bring the movie-night treat into the great outdoors—with no need to root around the surrounding area for the perfect stick.

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Burgers In A Grill Basket?

Cuisinart Hamburger Basket

Okay, enough. Grill baskets are great, but when we start making them for hamburgers, well then that’s when it has gone too far. There are those grill grates sitting there after all. Usually. Most of the time. Not always when camping, I guess. Or at a bonfire. And those grates at the park can be kind of nasty, I suppose… All right, you win Cuisinart Hamburger Basket, I take it back. You can exist. Even if it’s just to show that more than just hot dogs and marshmallows can be held over a campfire.

***UPDATE 7/10/15*** Well, looks like Cuisinart got hungry for something else — the product link above was outdated. The good news is they have a basket for grilling more than just burgers now. Now all your food can enjoy the grill with the Cuisinart Simply Grilling Nonstick Grilling Basket.

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Automated s’more maker does the smushing for you

Micro S’Mores Maker

The best part of a s’more is pushing it together. There is nothing more barbaric than seeing a full-figured marshmallow that hasn’t been smushed into s’moredom. Right out of the microwave (or campfire for you s’more purists), the first thing to do is to smush that sucker together. It is a satisfaction that should be shared amongst all foods; it is pure enjoyment on an instinctual level. (Perhaps that’s why clamshell-type grills and panini presses are so popular.)

Unfortunately, the cold, modern, technological world has given us the Micro S’Mores Maker, a damnable machine that automates the s’more-smushing for us. Worst of all, it does this in only ten seconds. The world may never again see an unsmushed s’more, except out in the wild. Which might not be such a bad thing—back to nature as it were.

(Via Geekalogie)

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Rotisserie in the woods

Auspit Australian Rotisserie BBQ

Getting away from the city is always a recipe for a good time. Part of that fun usually includes ‘camping food’. Bearing a resemblance to ‘rood food’, camping grub usually includes things you wouldn’t normally eat. At the very least, any meal you prepare is most likely going to differ from how you make it at home. That’s part of the fun; an open fire and coolers full of rapidly melting ice lead to food that must be eaten— no matter how.

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