Pop Goes The Campfire

Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle

A stick goes a long way at a campfire. You can use it to roast a marshmallow or even cook a hot dog. As delicious as these campfire classics may be, their everlasting popularity has got to be due in part to the lowly stick. (After all, every campfire has one.)
However, while great for hot dogs and s’mores, the stick isn’t very useful for many other cooking tasks—unless of course, it has a wire holder on the end of it.

Perfectly designed for Jiffy Pop, the Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle offers an easy way to introduce a new campfire classic. Long enough to be safely held over the fire, the business end of the ‘stick’ is fashioned into a loop, providing a clever way to bring the movie-night treat into the great outdoors—with no need to root around the surrounding area for the perfect stick.

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