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Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

For some reason, beer cans do not come with handles. Not only would a handle be useful while imbibing, but also when making beer can chicken. Understanding this dilemma, the Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster incorporates a handle where before there was none. As for beer can drinking, well, just hold on tight. (Or use a mug.)

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Lobster Bottle Opener

Lobster Bottle Opener

It’s hard to deny the power of lobster; it is also hard to deny the deliciousness of beer. Luckily, those two things go together like lobster and sand. Sand-casted aluminum, that is. Put them together and what do you got? Why, a Lobster Bottle Opener of course. Cheers!

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The Coolest Beer Mug

Strapya World Frozen Beer Mug Maker

Cans and bottles that tell you when your beer is cold are just too hard to operate. I mean, what if you want your beer ice cold? When the mountains turn blue does that mean it’s ice cold or just regular cold? It’s an important difference. One way to know for sure is to ditch the can and go for the Strapya World Frozen Beer Mug Maker. Consisting of a plastic handle, a base and the ice mold, the mug-maker lets you create a one-time-use beer mug made out of ice. Since the ice will eventually melt it will require require drinkers to stay at least somewhat aware, but if you really need some help in the matter perhaps drawing on a set of red mountains will help.

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*** UPDATE 11/10/19 *** Product link above no longer works — looks like Strapya became Hamee — but Amazon does have it (low rated beware!):

Frozen Beer Mug Maker (Japan Import)
by Hamee

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Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat

Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat

This could be you.

The Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat is available for sale. But you better hurry: as of this writing there are only two left in stock. Don’t let it get away! No worries (and clearly you have none if you wear this hat), if MGD isn’t your brand, the hat is also available drunkenly assembled lovingly crafted from boxes of Coors Light or Miller Lite.

Product Description:
Re-defining beer fashion. Fun, hilarious, and oh-so-good looking. Crafted from an 18-bottle case of Miller Genuine Draft beer. Officially licensed; one size fits all.

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Beer Can Chicken Without (Or With) The Beer

Steven Raichlen The Best of Barbecue Beer Can Chicken Set

Just because Beer Can Chicken is traditionally made with a beer can, doesn’t mean it has to be that way. In fact, it doesn’t even require a can at all. Using the Beer Can Chicken Kit one can add whatever liquid they feel like into the roaster. Set it on the grill and moist–truly original–chicken will soon be yours.

The Best of Barbecue Beer Can Chicken Set includes: One stainless steel Beer Can Chicken Roaster, one Instant Read Thermometer, one pair of Signature Meat Shears, one pair of Insulated Food Gloves and six recipe cards.

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The Cooler Has The Bottle Opener

HomeWetBar Port-o-Cooler Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

It’s an age-old question uttered at every ‘que: Who has the bottle opener? First uttered moments after the first beer was bottled, the question has always resulted in a momentary pause in action as everybody looks around for the elusive tool. Eventually, somebody will fess up and exclaim, “Oh, I have it”. Fortunately, many years of bottles being opened have resulted in numerous advances in bottle opener technology. The best openers, of course, are the ones that don’t go anywhere.

The HomeWetBar Port-o-Cooler Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher isn’t likely to wander off with any freshly opened bottles. Easily attaching directly to a cooler (or anything else, really) via double-sided tape or mounting screws, the bolted-down bottle opener isn’t going anywhere the beer isn’t. Every get-together has one, and now that guy will just have to find something else to wander off—just keep him away from the grill.

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