Tom Douglas skewers improve the grill landscape


Every good grill session needs variety. A grill full of hamburgers just doesn’t seem quite right without at least some hot dogs dotting the landscape. The scenery provided by a grill full of these essentials is certainly appetizing, but you can do better. Break up the old hamburger/hot dog club and introduce some variety with kebobs.

No other grill method offers such variety tailored to individual tastes as does grilling with skewers. Guests can each construct their own, catering to their preferences. The Tom Douglas by Pinzon Stainless-Steel Pronged Kebob Skewers make it easy. Sold by Amazon in a set of two, the grill tools come with a comfortable wooden handle with plenty of room to pile on the meats and vegetables. The double-pronged design gives stability for all sizes of ingredients, while a ‘pusher’ installed at the base makes removal a breeze.

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