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Handy Holders Keep Drinks Off The Grass

Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus

Grass is misleading. It looks like it should be all soft and fluffy, but in reality it’s sharp and pointy. And hardly as evenly-spaced as it looks. Along with sand (grrr…), grass has a tendency to just get in the way. However, cover it with a large blanket, and now you’re talking. Just add some warm weather and cool beverages and you got yourself an afternoon that can’t be beat. Until you try to set down your drink on bumpy grass or hot sand (grrr…).

For some of us, the Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus makes perfect sense. Spiked into the ground, the hand-shaped 12-inch stainless-steel helper stabilizes your drink for you. As an added bonus, ice-cold beverages stay cooler longer, safely suspended up over the terrors of grass and sand.

Also available for wine.

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Beer Can Chicken Maker Makes More Than Chicken

Combination Vertical Roaster and Wok for beer can chicken on the grill

Beer can chicken making gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely do they double as anything else. Which is usually fine: the idea is to add a flavoring liquid of your choice (that’s right—gasp—it doesn’t have to be beer) and let it bubble up and permeate the meat while it is cooking. Results are tender, delicious and juicy.

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Things To Do: Buy Beer

Haier 1.7-Cubic-Ft. HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write Fridge

Having a small, dedicated fridge for the garage (or office, as the case may be) is a beer-drinkers luxury that offers much-appreciated convenience. However, the same small size that can be such a convenience can also be a hindrance, as it constantly needs to be refilled. Luckily, some appliances are prepared. The Haier 1.7-Cubic-Ft. HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write Fridge tells you when it’s empty (assuming you remember to jot it down, that is). Complete with non-permanent markers and eraser, the mini-fridge not only keeps cold items always within reach, but also provides for that all-important artistic outlet that inevitably occurs while emptying out the fridge.

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Moon bounce for your beer

Inflatable Serving Bar

Beverages don’t tend to do too well in bouncy situations, but that doesn’t mean a cushion of air cannot provide a relaxing cloud-like bed for them to lounge in. Just don’t bounce in it. As tempting as though it may be, this raft-like Inflatable Serving Bar is probably too small for the average adult to get a good bounce on. And that’s who is going to be using this of course: adults for their adult beverages. Because nothing says class like having a big boatload of beer chilling in an inflatable raft. (And the kids would just throw thing in the pool).

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Abracadabra! You may now drink your beer!

UTILO Deluxe Bottle Opener with Black Handle by Blomus

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Clarke’s Third Law

Of course, you are not going to be fooling anyone if you don’t have a magic wand. Everybody knows that magic requires a magic wand. That’s like Magic’s First Law. But in a pinch, a thing that looks like a magic wand will do. Especially when faced with a case of beer.

The UTILO Deluxe Bottle Opener with Black Handle by Blomus is a uniquely styled bottle opener. Similar in styling to a classic magic wand, the bottle opener may not fool anyone into believing you magically opened the beer, but open enough of ‘em and they just might.

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Zero bottles of beer on the wall

Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage

At some point in your post-college years, you have to take down all those empty bottles of beer on the wall, not pass them around, and put ‘em straight in the recycling bin. However, the college tradition of showing off that you are of drinking age (ahem) doesn’t have to stop there. Graduate on up to the Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage. After opening a bottle of wine, simply drop the cork into the hole on top. Goes perfectly well with that piggy bank you are using to hoard pennies so you can pay off those student loans.

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