Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

For some reason, beer cans do not come with handles. Not only would a handle be useful while imbibing, but also when making beer can chicken. Understanding this dilemma, the Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster incorporates a handle where before there was none. As for beer can drinking, well, just hold on tight. (Or use a mug.)

Product description:

The Rosle Chicken Roaster succulently roasts American-style beer can chicken on a covered grill or in the oven. Topple-free cylinder stands upright to hold 8 oz. of your favorite beer, wines, marinades and other flavoring liquids so chicken, duck and game hens turn out unbelievably tender and juicy. Vertical chicken roaster ensures the meat inside stays moist while the skin roasts to golden, crispy perfection. Handle easily detaches until you’re ready to transfer the roast chicken and poultry for serving. Durable 18/10 stainless-steel with safe, stable base. Compact and easy to store. Dishwasher-safe.

Founded in 1888, Germany’s Rosle metal crafting and engineering company began producing professional culinary utensils and tools in 1920. The Rosle vertical chicken roaster continues in the Rosle tradition of premium quality, function and design in every product.

Product Features
• Rosle chicken roaster is designed for both covered barbecue grills and the oven
• Stable base keeps roasting poultry from toppling
• Cylinder safely holds beer, wines, marinades and other flavoring liquids
• Comfortable handle easily transfers chicken roaster to counter or platter
• Removable handle allows for more space on the grill and is easy to store
• Four different base slots allow for easy handle re-attachment
• Size permits placement of several beer can chicken roasters on one grill
• Dishwasher-safe
• Lifetime warranty

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