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Chalkboard Labels Sticker Set Minds Its Manners

Chalkboard Labels Set (6 Sheet Pack) - 48 Reusable Premium Quality Black Decorative Adhesive Stickers in 8 Unique Designs

Stickers are handy little things when it comes to organization. Just write what you are storing on one and stick it on the thing you’re storing it in. But then there is no turning back (only adding additional stickers).

Items in the kitchen lack permanence (thankfully). As we eat our way through the pantry and food cabinet, the jars and storage containers have their contents reduced until the label is staring back at us with empty, cold indifference. Incorrectly as well. How rude.

The Chalkboard Labels Sticker Set looks to politely erase that mistake by allowing actual erasing. Consisting of a variety of styles at an affordable price, the reusable stickers can be written on with chalk over and over again. With 48 stickers in the pack, there are enough to get organized in every room of the house. Maybe teach those plain ol’ traditional stickers some manners as well.

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100 Used Wine Corks

100 Used Wine Corks - All Natural Recycled Wine Corks - Bulk 100% Natural Corks

Know somebody who has 100 bottles of wine on the wall? Well, have you ever just found the perfect gift for them!

Here we have 100 Used Wine Corks ready to be reunited with bottles after they have been taken down and passed around. After all, one tends to lose track after 100 bottles of wine, so having this cache of corks nearby is sure to come in handy.

Or, one could use these corks for craft projects like making coasters, trivets and bulletin boards, but whatever.

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Three Hundred Bottles Of Wine On The Round

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit

Blending craft and drinking isn’t necessarily such a bad idea. Sure, results may become occasionally messy, but sometimes that is the charm in homemade objects d’art. The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit doesn’t require any art skills, but the completed project will look quite crafty when it is set up on the table. Room enough for 300 wine corks, all held in place with a flat, see-though, acrylic top, the tabletop contrivance offers a neat and tidy solution for storing and displaying wine corks. That is, until the sparkles, glue and paint set gets busted out.

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Melted Corona Beer Bottle Lime Platter

Melted Corona Beer Bottle Lime Platter with Decorative Knife

Bucket of ice? Check. Bottle opener? Check. Twelve-pack of Corona and limes? Check and double-check. Something to serve the lime wedges on? Uh-oh…

Wait! No worries. The Melted Corona Beer Bottle Lime Platter is here to the rescue. Phew! Now we can get this weekend started right!

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Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat

Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat

This could be you.

The Miller Genuine Draft Beer Box Cowboy Hat is available for sale. But you better hurry: as of this writing there are only two left in stock. Don’t let it get away! No worries (and clearly you have none if you wear this hat), if MGD isn’t your brand, the hat is also available drunkenly assembled lovingly crafted from boxes of Coors Light or Miller Lite.

Product Description:
Re-defining beer fashion. Fun, hilarious, and oh-so-good looking. Crafted from an 18-bottle case of Miller Genuine Draft beer. Officially licensed; one size fits all.

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