The Cooler Has The Bottle Opener

HomeWetBar Port-o-Cooler Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

It’s an age-old question uttered at every ‘que: Who has the bottle opener? First uttered moments after the first beer was bottled, the question has always resulted in a momentary pause in action as everybody looks around for the elusive tool. Eventually, somebody will fess up and exclaim, “Oh, I have it”. Fortunately, many years of bottles being opened have resulted in numerous advances in bottle opener technology. The best openers, of course, are the ones that don’t go anywhere.

The HomeWetBar Port-o-Cooler Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher isn’t likely to wander off with any freshly opened bottles. Easily attaching directly to a cooler (or anything else, really) via double-sided tape or mounting screws, the bolted-down bottle opener isn’t going anywhere the beer isn’t. Every get-together has one, and now that guy will just have to find something else to wander off—just keep him away from the grill.

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