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RSVP Hazel Nut Grinder

RSVP Hazel Nut Grinder

Twist to grind. That’s the idea behind the RSVP Hazel Nut Grinder. The cute grinder gadget is shaped like a little squirrel with the tail operating as the handle. It is made out of cast aluminum, so this little gizmo should make it through many winters to come.

Product Description:
Hazel loves to grind nuts for all your cooking and baking needs. Simple lift of the acorn lid and fill the acorn hopper with shelled nuts such as pecans, walnuts, almonds and peanuts. Grab hold of her fat tail and rotate clockwise to coarsely chop the exact amount of nuts you need. The ground nuts will fall into the glass jar below which has an 8 oz. capacity and features measurements in cups and millimeters. Hazel’s body is made of cast aluminum with a strong steel grinding mechanism inside. Hazel can be washed in mild soap and water and cleaned with a soft brush or sponge, but alas Hazel is leery of dishwashers and she just can’t go there! The glass jar though is dishwasher safe.

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Lobster Bottle Opener

Lobster Bottle Opener

It’s hard to deny the power of lobster; it is also hard to deny the deliciousness of beer. Luckily, those two things go together like lobster and sand. Sand-casted aluminum, that is. Put them together and what do you got? Why, a Lobster Bottle Opener of course. Cheers!

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Triple Timer times in any era

Triple TimerHoused in a cast-aluminum frame, this Triple Timer features classic styling and elegant grace. Looking like a set of controls that might have come from some sort of steampunk airship, the countdown starts from either 20, 60 or 120 minutes. With easy to read numbers and retro-molded knobs, the three separate timers are complete and ready to go. No need to attach any gears, levers or steam pipes.

Perhaps in a nod to its old-timey styling the timer also includes a “voluminous audible signal”, which is something I’m betting no wimpy battery-operated digital timer can match.

UPDATE: Sold out at the link above, but apparently available at Williams-Sonoma.

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