Bamboo filter holder clears up the morning

RSVP International Bamboo Coffee Cone Filter Holder

Coffee making in the morning needs to be as simple as can be. What later in the day is easy to accomplish is not so when just out of bed. Even eliminating one step in the coffee-making ritual can keep morning mishaps at bay. The path of destruction caused by stumbling from the freezer for the coffee and then to the faucet for water, and then to the cupboard for the box of filters can be reduced by simply leaving the filters out by the coffeemaker.

However those little filter boxes can be ugly, all open and hanging out like that. Pass on the cardboard decoration and move on up to wood. The RSVP International Bamboo Coffee Cone Filter Holder is small, made from an eco-friendly material, and streamlines those foggy mornings. At $9.99 it’s a small price to pay for a little morning clarity.

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