Capturing the Cooking Storm (Or at Least Some of the Prep Work)

Oneida 7pc Mandolin Slicing Bowl

Kitchen life is messy. There is good reason, after all, that ‘cooking up a storm’ evolved into an expression. If you prefer to keep your tempest in a teapot, you’re going to need a teapot… or in this case, a bowl.

The Oneida 7pc Mandolin Slicing Bowl comes with four slicing blades and a 1-quart stainless steel bowl. The combination of a mandoline slicer with a bowl makes for a convenient and efficient prep tool. Simply snap the lid over the bowl and slice away. The results are captured in the bowl for easy transport or storage. Currently priced at $19.99, the prepping gadget is one kitchen item that is as affordable as an umbrella–not that you’d need rain gear in the kitchen or anything.

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