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Swissmar Dalla Piazza Delicha Automatic Tea Maker

Swissmar Dalla Piazza Delicha Automatic Tea Maker

Tea time! The Dalla Piazza Delicha Automatic Tea Maker + 12OZ. Halo Bistro Wide Body Coffee Cup + 4.5in. Cup & Saucer Demi Spoon not only comes with a bunch of tea stuff like spoons and saucers, but the darn thing can actually keep track of time too.

Featuring a “patented timing mechanism,” the automatic tea maker steeps tea (or coffee) and then lifts the steeping basket out of the brew when time is up. The timer can go up to seven minutes, which happens to be about how long it takes to read that product title. Good thing a nice cup of tea is worth the wait.

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Slice And Julienne At The Table

Swissmar Finale Slice and Julienne

A meal is never complete until it hits the table. Sometimes however, that is just the penultimate step, as a diner will look to put their own finishing touch to their plate while at the table. From cheese to garnishes to everything in between, the personal touch is quite often the last order of business before setting down to eat.

Designed for use directly at the table, the Swissmar Finale Slice and Julienne provides a means for diners to easily perfect their individual plates. Measuring only 5.5-inches long, the Finale is made to fit comfortably in the hand, offering an easy way to slice or julienne by using one of the two included blades. All that’s left after using this tableside gadget is to dig in, and enjoy your meal!

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Finally, a chance for Bread People to lead a normal life

Swissmar Bamboo Crumb Catching Board w/Bread Knife

It goes without saying that Bread People eat a lot of bread. Which also goes to say, they have a lot of crumbs in their homes. As all this bread-eating usually outpaces bread-cleaning, all those crumbs pile up. Just like you don’t clean the crumb tray out of your toaster after every use, Bread People don’t clean away the crumbs after slicing into a loaf; it’s just going to get all crumby again at the next meal. I know all this, because I am a Bread Person.

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