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Twelve Parsecs To Dinner

Star Wars Cutting Board - Millennium Falcon Acrylic Chopping Board (15

A parsec is a unit of distance. A Star Wars parsec is a unit of time. (Unless George Lucas was telling the truth…) In any event, dinner will be ready in no time with this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cutting Board. As for who gets to choose what’s for dinner? Well, let’s just say let the Wookiee win.

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Golf And Cheese And Sometimes Wine

Picnic Time Golf Course Sand Trap Golfing Cheese Board and Tool Set

What do you get the person who has everything? Nothing, of course. The really hard question when it comes to gift-giving is what to get the person who only likes certain things. Say, for example, golf and cheese. And sometimes wine.

Well, clearly when they are not golfing, they will be needing the Picnic Time Sand Trap Cheese Board and Tool Set. The golf-themed serving board comes with wine utensils as well as cheese tools and brings it all together just like when out on the 18th hole.

Got a golfer in your life who likes wine and cheese? Just follow the links (ahem) to find the gift that scores a hole in one.

Oh, and don’t forget the clubs:
Picnic Time Caddy Cutting Board

Picnic Time Golf Caddy Golf Clubs Cutting Board

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Cutting Board On Top Of The Kitchen Sink

Wooden Cutting Board for Ticor S205 Undermount Kitchen Sink

Above is seen a Wooden Cutting Board for Ticor S205 Undermount Kitchen Sink . It is available in walnut, cherry and maple, with variations within.

Be careful when ordering as the product description differs from the title and the photo. Same thing goes for the Wooden Cutting Board for the Undermount Single Bowl Ticor S315 (maple with 3 Walnut strips). Although it looks like the same seller has it consistently described for the Wooden Cutting Board for the Undermount Single Bowl Ticor S505 (maple and walnut Split).

Just a friendly PSA about the top of the kitchen sink from Beyond The Kitchen Sink!

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Stick A Knife In This Mezzaluna

Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination

A mezzaluna is a nice and neat way to chop herbs or other small items. The concave cutting board keeps chopped goodies in place while one simply rocks a rounded knife over them. It’s efficient and practical—until it comes time to store the knife.

The Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination features on-board storage for the oddly-shaped knife. Tucking away directly into the body of the board, the mezzaluna offers an easy and safe way to keep the handy cutlery at the ready. Plus its Moso bamboo construction is ecologically sound. Measures 10-inches by 10-inches and stands 1-inch tall.

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Corner Cutting Board Doesn’t Cut Corners

John Boos Corner Cutting Board

Kitchen counter space is always at a premium. Filled with appliances, countertops quickly go from being a center for useful gadgets to being messy mazes in which to work around. Even the simple everyday task of prep work can become hazardous in such circumstances. For those resigned to having cluttered countertops, having a little more space to work with is always appreciated.

[

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Get a grip on your meat carving

Gripper Carving Board

Slippery succulence is no fun for anyone, so it’s best to get a grip. No matter how enthusiastic the roast may be on escaping, the Gripper Carving Board is ready to step in and give you a hand. Featuring a spiked metal ring integrated into the center, the cutting board holds hard-to-grip goods in place whilst under the knife. Inset grooves channel juices away, providing not only the benefits of an easy-to-use workspace, but also one that stays tidy during the dirty work.

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