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The Grillion Is A Thing

Sometimes you just got to let a product speak for itself–and that includes the commenter who has “finally a safe way to clean my grill”.

In case you’re wondering, The Grillion Grill Cleaner Combo Includes: The Grillion, The Onion Knife and the Tailgater.

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December 13, 2010   1 Comment

Produce Savers look the part

Produce Savers: Apple Saver by Evriholder Products

Produce doesn’t always come in convenient sizes. Sometimes, we just need a bite. Whether you just need a few slices of tomato for a sandwich or want half of an apple as a snack, the unused portion needs to be stored for later use.

Produce Savers by Evriholder Products are a set of specifically (very specific) designed gadgets for saving and storing common produce. Available in five distinct styles, the produce savers work by protecting the produce from surrounding air. Place your fruit or vegetable cut side down, and clip to hold in place. The lack of contact to air helps to prevent browning and keep the produce clean.

The produce savers are certainly fanciful creations, and at $3.99 each (looks like they were pretty popular at that price!), they are definitely affordable. And fun too. The Cucumber Saver looks like a cucumber, and the Lemon Saver perfectly imitates the shape of a lemon. Click on through for pictures of the whole set, including the Onion Saver as well as a Tomato Saver. And of course, don’t forget the Apple Saver.

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March 9, 2009   1 Comment