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Next Best Thing To A New Stove: New Knobz

Electric Stove Knobz - Fruit

Searching for a new look in the kitchen without the messy installation? (Or time… Or money…) Sometimes it’s a little thing that can go a long way. The Electric Stove Knobz are a clever idea designed to add a new touch of color to the kitchen without breaking the bank. Simply slide off the old stove knobs, and replace with a new set of four. Choose between a rooster or fruit motif and transform the stove for a price anyone can afford. Makes a good gift too. The hand-painted knobs are formed with durable resin and include adapters for use with most any brand. $29.95 for each set.

UPDATE 7/1/12: Sold out at the link above, but it looks like there is one White Range Replacement Knobs Fruit Design 4 Pack on Amazon, as well as these other replacement knobs options in case that one doesn’t last.



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