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Dial Up Ripe Watermelons With Melon Meter

Melon Meter By Let There Be Light Innovations

Watermelon fans of the world rejoice! The Melon Meter lets iPhone users find ripe melons with their phone. Place the mic on the melon and give it a knock. The app analyzes the sound’s “decay signature” to determine ripeness. All sorts of juicy details follow below…

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Never Eat Out Again

Know Before You Eatâ„¢ currently tracks over 22,000 New York City restaurants and has inspection data going back to 2007. The app is available on the AppStorenow as a free download or at

What you don’t know can hurt you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you do want to know. Not everything, at least. For some of us an ‘A’ in the window is good enough. For others… well, there’s an app for that.

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Betty Crocker Is Calling

Betty Crocker Cookbook Now Available For Windows Phone

The Betty Crocker Cookbook is an icon. While it won’t look quite as good sitting on the kitchen shelf (or maybe it would), Betty is making her recipes available to go. The press release follows, including a link to the download site. And if you’re feeling old school, check out the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook (1950 Classic Edition).

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One App, Four Thousand Skillets. Free.

4,000 Skillets Giveaway with Re-launch of Free Circulon Cooks! iPad App. For more information, visit

Consider this a PSA for those in need of a new skillet. Even though the iPad-owning Public probably doesn’t need a handout… but hey, free! Read on for the whole press release, and more info, here too.

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Gourmet Magazine Is Dead, Long Live Gourmet Live

Gourmet Magazine is now Gourmet Live.

Gourmet, the Magazine of Good Living was put to rest last year by publisher Condé Nast, but like a soufflé softly rising from having fallen, it lives again. In digital form.

Designed for tablet devices, Gourmet Live promises to be a modern rethinking of the classic magazine. With video clips, slide shows and social interactivity features, the new Gourmet looks forward to the future, while drawing on the experience of being the first magazine (1941) in the U.S. dedicated to food and wine.

Coming in Fall 2010.

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