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Still Scream For Ice Cream

Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher

There’s still time; summer is not quite over. Sure, time for fun in the sun may be dwindling, but there is at least one outdoor activity that can always be available indoors. Ice cream.

The Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Candy Crusher keeps the season going any time of year. Featuring the ability to make up to a 1.5-quart batch in as little as half an hour, the countertop ice cream machine even incorporates a crusher that dispenses cookies or candy directly into the ice cream. Available now at an affordable end-of-season price, catch it now before it melts away like summer.

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Magnetic Beverage Stake Keeps Hold Of Cans

Magnetic Beverage Stake

Countless man-hours are lost every summer due simply to a lack of flat surfaces. Beverages consumed while out and about require more than just being ice-cold: they need a place to set them down. Parks, beaches and even backyards are not known for being particularly flat.

The Magnetic Beverage Stake looks to eliminate beverage-related time-wasting by offering a platform for cans. Designed to be used on any surface, the 14-inch post screws directly into the ground. An embedded magnet grabs hold of soda and beer cans, magically (ahem) keeping summer alive.

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Floating Cooler: Never Get Out Of The Pool Again

Big Bobber Floating Beverage Cooler

Summer is in high gear as is the rush to cool down. Last one into the pool may be a rotten egg, but the last one out of the pool most certainly is not. Especially when there is no call to ever leave it.

The Big Bobber Floating Beverage Cooler holds up to a twelve-pack and floats conveniently next to you in the pool. Need a cool down? Just reach over and crack open another beer or soda. Toss the empty to the side, and you’ll never have to leave the pool again. Unless of course they got that purple stuff in the water…

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Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop

Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop

It’s not quite ice cream season yet, but before you know it, you are going to be adding ice cream to your grocery list as a must-have refrigerator staple. Be it a pint or a ‘pint’, you are going to need a way to scoop out the frozen deliciousness.

The Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop has a non-toxic fluid sealed inside to keep the metal from frosting over. With the scoop doing most of the work, you will be able to save your arm strength for more important things; like eating the ice cream.

The scoop has a 2-ounce scoop capacity and is constructed of high-grade aluminum and ABS plastic. Hand-wash only.

(Via Uncrate)

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