The rise of the utensil

Taster by Carl Mertens

We as a society seem to have been constantly upgrading our collective utensil sensibilities. During our humble beginnings eons ago we lurched around with crude knives. Since then, we have achieved a pinnacle of utensilology. The place setting has evolved into a minefield of utensils–all refined for specific uses. An unnecessary burden has been place upon us to distinguish the fish fork from the salad fork, and as such, the modern era has given rise to the somewhat-useful spork. Clearly, there is room for improvement.

The Taster by Carl Mertens brings the spork to the stovetop and back on out to the dinner table. With a spoon on one end and a fork on the other, the utensil is designed to give the cook convenient access to their creations. Furthermore, a small hook has been incorporated which can be used to fish out spaghetti or other elusive items. Evolution doesn’t come cheap however, and this spoon/fork/cooking-thingy will set you back $32.

(Via Dvice)

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