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Spachello saves cream cheese packaging

Spachello Slice & Spread

I hate messing up multiple utensils in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making something simple like a sandwich or a bagel. It is just too tempting to use a serrated knife to spread mayo, peanut butter or cream cheese. I have torn many a package of cream cheese into shreds trying to use a sharp knife to dig out the spread for my bagel. It’s a lesson I seem to refuse to learn. Now, I don’t have to; the Spachello Slice & Spread combines a cutting and spreading knife into one. Perfect for people like me who go out of their way to minimize utensil use, the Spachello is the best thing for sandwiches (and tear-prone packaging) since sliced bread.

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Slotless Toaster proves there is a tool for every job

The Slotless Toaster by Bodum at Hammacher Schlemmer

Bagels need to be toasted. This is a fact. Many toasters do not accommodate bagels and other larger bread items. This too, is a fact. Therefore, there is a need for a tool to accomplish the toasting of bagels and the like. Luckily, Hammacher Schlemmer and Bodum have made available The Slotless Toaster.

The heated flatbed surface provides 700-watts of pure toasting power. Just like a regular toaster, preferred level of doneness can be set via an easy to use knob, and an included crumb tray catches…crumbs.

Bagels, croissants, Texas toast and baguettes have finally found a toasty home with this specialized appliance. Now excuse me, as I have to go get my lunch out of my ultra-convenient, multiple-use, toaster oven. Don’t forget to flip your toast.

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Getting things rolling with a bagel toaster


There might be no better way to kick off a kitchen appliance site that with a toaster. Long an icon of the kitchen, the toaster has become a ubiquitous symbol for the warmth and home-cooked food from your own cozy kitchen. Bread is a staple of life, and the toaster is a cornerstone of the kitchen.

All of which leads to the fact that there are many, many toasters out there.

As with any kitchen appliance, finding the perfect model for you depends upon personal preference and overall usefulness. However, toasters are unlike other appliances because at their root they are quite simple. Face it: toaster innovation hasn’t changed that much in the last hundred years. Oh sure, they are more efficient, (and safe), but at the core, its purpose is simply to toast a slice of bread…or a bagel.

The Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide-Slot Toaster comes in classic chrome and accommodates larger bread items, such as bagels. Melding the old and the new together into a distinctive finish, the toaster is attractive, functional and most importantly specialized for those that crave a perfect bagel. The bagel control stetting allows for the toaster to brown one side of the bagel, while gently warming the other. Perfect for those that appreciate a properly toasted bagel.

There will be more (many more) toasters as we navigate through the myriad of kitchen appliances, gadgets and gizmos that are out there. Some will be shiny, some will be silly, some will be old, some will be new.

Expect a bit of everything. Welcome to Beyond The Kitchen Sink.

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