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A Plate Made Just For Pancakes

The Pancake Plate Designed By Jon Wye

Pancakes, being the delicious pillows of deliciousness that they are, demand a little respect. Or at least thoughtfulness. Which is why these Pancake Plates Designed By Jon Wye deserve attention. As one can see from the product photo, the syrup pools into a waiting reservoir allowing one to perfectly control the pancake-to-syrup ratio.

After the jump, check out another product photo better showing how this is accomplished. And for the heck of it, an example of how not to make a pancake plate.

Now, this is how you make a pancake plate:

Pancake Plates Designed By Jon Wye

…and this Yummy Pancakes Plate probably could have used just a little more attention to the details.

Yummy Pancakes Plate

(Via Gizmodo)

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