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Win Friends With Salad

Oxo Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker

Homer Simpson, the sage of a generation said, “You don’t win friends with salad.” While this sentiment might be all well and true, perhaps it is time to consider the salad dressing as the source of all the missed connections. After all, the stuff you find in a bottle at the supermarket in no way compares to homemade. The problem is, while it may be easy to whip up a batch of oil and vinegar, storage and serving usually requires a little more effort.

The Oxo Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker may not actually win you any friends, but you certainly won’t lose any either. Featuring a wide opening on top, and cup, milliliter and ounce measurements marked on the sides, the salad shaker makes it easy to make your own salad dressing. For serving and storing, the watertight accessory has a flip top lid that lets you shake, serve and store all with one container. And of course, you could always use it as a marinade shaker for meats.

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Catch This Dr. Who Cookie Jar Before It Disappears

Doctor Who Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar

Doctor Who is a popular television show in which the main character flies around space and time in a police call box. (Yeah, I know, but give ‘em a break—it’s British.) Perhaps one of the more defining characteristics of said box is it is bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. (It originated in the 60s, you know.) If the Doctor Who Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar is anything like the spaceship in the show, this cookie jar should have an endless supply of chocolate chip macadamia cookies always lurking within.
Hmm, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

(Via Chip Chick)

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You’re Not Getting Up Off The Couch Anyways, So Here’s A TV Remote Bottle Opener

My Clicker Universal Remote Control

Of all the things that get misplaced, bottle openers, keys and remote controls tend to top the list. It seems only natural then that a bottle opener would get attached to a remote control. (The keys are a different story, but with a bottle opener and remote in hand, you’re not going anywhere anyways.)

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Where’s the beef? Leave a message.

Cow Chalkboard

Clara Peller may have left the building, but before she left she made sure we all got the message by asking, “Where’s the beef?” in her raspy, distinct voice. Television commercials were her medium, but the rest of us have to rely on a more old-fashioned approach (or YouTube, I suppose).

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Consume the internet, but please cook it first

The CastOven, a YouTube enabled microwave oven.

Forget about that JooJoo tablet thingy that sounds to me like Arrington wanted to hijack: if you want to consume the internet, you’re going to have to cook it first. In a microwave. Literally.

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A toast to these great space coasters

Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand

It looks like a space-car part out of the Jetsons, or perhaps a board game from Star Trek, but this shiny contrivance is actually a five-piece coaster set. The Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand may take up a fair amount of room on your living room table (each coaster measures four inches), but it is sure to act as a conversation starter; consider it an icebreaker before breaking out the real ice. When the drinks finally do hit the table, the stainless-steel coasters along with the rubber bases will keep your table top neat and tidy and free of Saturn’s rings.

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