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The Baby Bullet

The Original Baby Bulletâ„¢ Food Processor, BPA Free

Bullets and babies don’t usually mix (right, Maggie?), but in this case that’s exactly what they do. Well kinda. The bullet part mixes at least. Also, the Original Baby Bullet Food Processor chops, blends and does all those other things that the harried parent might find of interest.

Includes power base, milling blade, baby blend blade, batchbowl, two short cups, spatula, two stay-fresh resealable lids, batch tray, six date-dial storage cups, storage tray, pocket nutritionist and user manual/cookbook.

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Cook Up A Virtual Jamie Oliver Feast

Playfish and Jamie Oliver cook up tasty recipes in Restaurant City

Like Jamie Oliver? Like Facebook games? Guess what two things have just collided. Read on to learn how the TV Chef has invaded Restaurant City.

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Hey Ziploc, Men Eat Leftovers Too

Ziploc VersaGlass Container, Variety Pack, 3-Count

There’s a great Simpsons quote in the episode where Milhouse’s dad is getting fired from the cracker factory for being divorced.

“Kirk, crackers are a family food. Happy families. Maybe single people eat crackers…we don’t know. Frankly, we don’t want to know. It’s a market we can do without.”

That’s how it is in marketing too. Marketing is family food. A current Sea-Doo commercial for some reason explicitly shows a shot of a wedding band securely wrapped around a man’s finger as he navigates his water vehicle to the dock. Now Viagra ads and such make at least some sort of sense (for such nonsense), but jet skis? Ah well, that’s how it is. Moms are also the only one’s in the kitchen too…

Read on for today’s press release regarding the Ziploc VersaGlass Container:

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Rotisserie Channel Is Chicken TV

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie and Grill coming to Canadian TV.

The Chicken Channel is coming to TV. Rotisserie chicken franchise Swiss Chalet (that is really their chicken above, btw) is kicking off a 13-week marketing campaign with its very own chicken channel. Yup, rows of chicken slowly turning oven an open fire. The Rotisserie Channel will be on channel 208 for Canadian’s with a subscription to Rogers digital service.

(Via Hollywood Reporter and Maclean’s)

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Wilton Mini Football Silicone Mold

Sure, the real season doesn’t start for weeks, but considering the Hall of Fame Game was on TV last night, we might as well kick off a little early. Besides, we all need time to get those snack trays ready.

Perhaps this year is the year – no not for your lousy team to make the playoffs, but to step up the game in the kitchen. Naturally, football-shaped food is key. The Wilton Mini Football Silicone Mold provides an easy way to cook up some new classics. Just like real football, the bakeware is meant for all types of weather – the pan is freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Don’t Get Your Feet Off The Table

Flip Flops TV Tray

Feet normally aren’t supposed to be on the table. Same goes for footwear. However, the rules of etiquette are a little different down by the beach, and the same goes for this Flip Flops TV Tray. With all the bright crazy colors going on, nobody is going to mind if you kick up your kicks for a little slow-down relaxing. Besides, with those zany patterns all over the table top, who is going to notice? Best to pick up two so as to have a matched set.

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