Where’s the beef? Leave a message.

Cow Chalkboard

Clara Peller may have left the building, but before she left she made sure we all got the message by asking, “Where’s the beef?” in her raspy, distinct voice. Television commercials were her medium, but the rest of us have to rely on a more old-fashioned approach (or YouTube, I suppose).

It’s not necessary to take on the hamburger establishment and their supposed lack of beef; for the simple comings and goings of everyday life, more often than not, a simple note will suffice. And like a good burger, or a simple message, there’s nothing fancy about this Cow Chalkboard: it’s just a cow you can write on.

Constructed of black resin with brown accents, the bovine is not small; it measures almost a foot high and twenty inches from snout to tail. A burlap feed bag houses a single piece of chalk, while each side of the cow features a large writing surface. The three dimensional chalkboard may not inspire the next great television commercial catchphrase, but if it does, you’ll have a place to jot the brainstorm down.

***UPDATE 11/27/2018*** Looks like the link above no longer works! The closest thing I could find is this October Hill Decorative Black Mini Chalkboard Cow Place Card Holder/Menu Buffet Label but it is tiny. Only three inches across. Where’s the beef, indeed.


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