Consume the internet, but please cook it first

The CastOven, a YouTube enabled microwave oven.

Forget about that JooJoo tablet thingy that sounds to me like Arrington wanted to hijack: if you want to consume the internet, you’re going to have to cook it first. In a microwave. Literally.

The CastOven is a YouTube-enabled microwave oven. Sandwiched in the frame of the door is an LCD screen capable of playing content directly from YouTube. The working prototype automatically ferrets out a YouTube clip of similar length for however much time you set that frozen snack treat for.

Of course, for those that prefer to eat while watching moving images on a screen, this has the danger of becoming one long endless loop of viewing, cooking and eating. Better make sure there is enough Jimmy Dean sausage in the house first.

(Via Wired)

CastOven in action

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