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Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Despite the marvels of modern kitchen technology, cans can’t open themselves. (Those pull-tab ones may come close, but we aren’t there yet.) Electric can openers, despite their ease-of-use, take up valuable counter space; however, for many, they are stuck with them as hand-held options can be hard to use. The Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener tries to eliminate this issue by providing increased leverage with the rotating cranking arm. Additionally, the cutting mechanism leaves no sharp edges, making this can opener not only easier to use, but safer too.

Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Product Description:
An easier and safer can opener is a convenient kitchen tool for anyone – and for those with reduced hand strength, a must-have essential. The rotating cranking arm provides increased leverage, requiring 50-percent less effort. Safety cutting mechanism cuts on the side of the can while never contacting food, leaving safe smooth edges. Lid pliers incorporated for hygienic, safe lid removal. Part of the stress less collection. Trudeau reinvents the joy of cooking with their new stress less line of kitchenware designed to reduce stress while preparing your favorite meals. You can now get the most out of your kitchen tools with the least amount of effort. The unique stress less design is the result of extensive ergonomic research that has made stress less products perfect for anyone who wants to take the stress out of everyday kitchen tasks. Open with ease.

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