Dial Up Ripe Watermelons With Melon Meter

Melon Meter By Let There Be Light Innovations

Watermelon fans of the world rejoice! The Melon Meter lets iPhone users find ripe melons with their phone. Place the mic on the melon and give it a knock. The app analyzes the sound’s “decay signature” to determine ripeness. All sorts of juicy details follow below…

◆◆◆ Melon Meter 1.0: Using real science to save you money! ◆◆◆

☞ Fact: An average watermelon costs between $5 and 10$
☞ Fact: Market Research shows that up to 60% of watermelons bought are either overripe or underripe
☞ Fact: Watermelons don’t ripen off the vine, or in the store – they only decay.
☞ Fact: Melon Meter saves you money by helping you find a melon ready to eat!

Everyone hates spending hard earned money on a watermelon, anticipating a nice juicy, ready to eat melon, only to find the melon is not ready to eat….either too hard (under ripe) or way too soft (over ripe). And because watermelons don’t ripen off the vine, it makes it even more important to find the most ready to eat melon in the store. Our team has developed a tool (Melon Meter), using real science, to help you find the most “ready” melon in the store.

◆◆◆ Melon Meter Facts ◆◆◆
• Thumping a watermelon with your hand produces a sound, that when analyzed can show when a watermelon is “ready to eat.”
• Melon Meter analyzes the sound you thump on a watermelon, and tells you when a melon is “ready” to eat.
• The sweetness of a melon depends on many growing factors, like water consumption. Melon Meter cannot tell you how sweet a melon is. It can only help you find the most ready to eat melon.

◆◆◆ The Science behind it. ◆◆◆
After 2 years of research and development, we have developed a tool that will help you find the most ready to eat melon in the store. This tool, or software algorithm, allows the iPhone to analyze the decay rate (the time it takes for a sound to end) of the signal produced by thumping a melon. We have determined that “ready” melons have a unique “decay signature.” Melon Meter analyzes the sound, and tells you if you have found a melon with the “decay signature” that corresponds to a “ready” melon.

A “ready” melon does not necessarily correspond to a “sweet” melon. Melon Meter cannot tell you if a melon is sweet or not. Sweetness depends on many growing factors, like amount of water a melon receives. Melon Meter can only determine the most “ready” to eat melon, based on analyzing the decay rate of the sound, when thumped.

◆◆◆ Disclaimer ◆◆◆
The use of this app is not intended for use on anything other than watermelons. This app is for fun/informational purposes only – and as such we accept no liability on its use, and outcome of results.

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