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Cut The Spam (Into Consistent Slices)

MIU France 90111 Lunch Meat Slicer

Nobody likes spam, but as for Spam, the food product, well let’s just say it’s more enjoyable. Maybe. But, regardless of how you use it the first step is to cut it up. (Or just grab the hunk and start chewing if you feel daring.) The MIU France Lunch Meat Slicer is a canned meat-sized slicing tool designed especially for creating consistently-sized slices from the popular meat-in-a-can treat product. While it may not rival sliced bread for the title of Greatest Thing, perhaps by association it will at least help a little bit with reputation of the edible type of Spam.

Product Description:
The canned meat slicer from MIU makes stacks of perfectly sliced meat for everything from sandwiches to sushi. Place the canned meat onto the base of the unit and close the handle firmly to slice the meat. The handle comes off for easy cleaning. Constructed of durable ABS and stainless steel; the MIU lunch meat slicer has ten stainless steel cutting wires. Dishwasher safe. Item #90111.

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Slice Thin, Slice Quick, Store Folded

Progressive International HGT-11 Folding Mandoline Slicer

Kitchen gadgets that offer quick and reliable usage are practically indispensable. When it comes to prep work, slicing is usually best handled by a knife. That is, unless the desired result is super thin slices—the kind a mandoline can easily provide.

There’s nothing fancy about the Progressive International HGT-11 Folding Mandoline Slicer. For less than $15, however, it can do so much: thick slice, thin slice, super thin, thick julienne, thin julienne, and super thin julienne. When said and done, just pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It even folds for convenient storage. Just try doing that with a fancy knife.

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Banana Slices You Can Count On

Chef’n Banana Slicer

A little consistency in the morning isn’t too much to ask for. As we navigate our routine on autopilot, having things where and how we want them makes it much easier to get through the morning. It’s almost like getting extra sleep, uh, except without the actual sleeping in. While our brains might not have to work until we leave the house, our bodies certainly do.

The Chef’n Banana Slicer creates perfectly uniform banana slices, keeping your morning cereal exactly the way you expect it. Designed for kids and adults, the cutting tool produces five even slices with just a squeeze of the handle. Fingers are protected as the actual cutting is accomplished away from the grip. Now if they could just stock supermarket shelves with perfectly even bananas.

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Dial Up Thick Or Thin Sliced Cheese

Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Pre-sliced cheese just doesn’t cut it; not when it’s this easy to cut your own. Featuring the ability to cut slices in four different thicknesses (up to a quarter-inch), the Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer makes quick work of block cheese. The simple 9-inch by 3-inch kitchen gadget adjusts with a turn of the knob, while the roller acts as a guide. With an ergonomic handle, the prep tool glides over cheese, providing ready-to-eat slices without the need to sacrifice quality.

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Slice And Julienne At The Table

Swissmar Finale Slice and Julienne

A meal is never complete until it hits the table. Sometimes however, that is just the penultimate step, as a diner will look to put their own finishing touch to their plate while at the table. From cheese to garnishes to everything in between, the personal touch is quite often the last order of business before setting down to eat.

Designed for use directly at the table, the Swissmar Finale Slice and Julienne provides a means for diners to easily perfect their individual plates. Measuring only 5.5-inches long, the Finale is made to fit comfortably in the hand, offering an easy way to slice or julienne by using one of the two included blades. All that’s left after using this tableside gadget is to dig in, and enjoy your meal!

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Hang Those Bananas

Kamenstein Banana Hanger with Slicer

Bananas turn brown when stored in the refrigerator, so off to the counter they go. Far from being banishment though, the countertop provides not only a convenient place to store them, but you get to show off how health conscious you are. (Assuming of course you change out the bunch every now and then.)

The Kamenstein Banana Hanger with Slicer gives you a way to store bruise-free bananas on the counter, and makes for an attractive presentation while at it. Additionally, the inclusion of a banana slicer leaves little excuse for not getting your daily dose of potassium.

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