Wannabe Rube Goldberg kitchen gadget

Upright Peeler With Stand

There must be more to this Upright Peeler With Stand than is seen in this picture. I say that because of the simple fact it looks like the final stage of a Rube Goldberg kitchen device. Through a process of deduction involving rolling marbles, fire, and darts popping balloons, I have come to the conclusion that this peeler is simply not complex enough; there must be more to it.

This actual product is designed, oddly enough, to streamline the process of peeling carrots. Simply set the six blades in place, set to an optimum height, tighten down the screws, place the carrot in the hopper and use the included plunger to strike down and peel your carrot. See? One simple motion. If you need to peel a vegetable other than a carrot, an additional cucumber accessory is available.

To be fair, like all Rube Goldberg contraptions, this one has a real goal. If you were suddenly tasked with peeling thousands of vegetables carrots or cucumbers, this one-motion gadget might seem to fit the bill. If you set up some sort of carrot trolley then you’ll really have it made. After all, there is only one proper way to make ramen, deal with a Cadbury Creme Egg, or even mix a drink. Remember, proper kitchen technique is always important.

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